Research interests

  • Cosmology
  • Nuclear and particle astrophysics
  • Neutrino physics

My research interests in cosmology involve exploring the connections between fundamental physics and the structure and evolution of the universe. Of particular interest to me are theories attempting to reconcile neutrino- and other Beyond-Standard-Model physics with ever-improving constraints on cosmic microwave background (CMB), nucleosynthesis, dark matter and structure formation

I am also interested in the role of neutrinos in the dynamics and nucleosynthesis in compact objects and high energy astrophysical processes, e.g., calculations of neutrino flavor and spin evolution in supernovae

Publications and preprints

Talks and Posters

  • Diluted Equilibrium Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter [Talk]
    Venue: Department of Physics, IIT Bombay (Nov 2015)
  • Diluted Equilibrium Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter [Talk]
    Venue: INFO-15 Santa Fe summer workshop (July 2015)
  • Sterile neutrino dark matter: a review [Talk]
    Venue: Detection of SuperNova Neutrinos in LAr TPC and Status of Search for Sterile Dark Matter Neutrinos, UCLA (Nov 2014)
  • Sterile neutrino dark matter [Talk]
    Venue: 14th annual TASC meeting, UC San Diego (Nov 2014)
  • Gravitational radiation from late-time vacuum phase transitions [Talk]
    Venue: 30th Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting, UC San Diego (March 2014)
  • Late-time vacuum phase transitions [Talk]
    Venue: Department of Physics, IIT Bombay (Sept 2013)
  • Dilution Generated Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter [Poster]
    Venue: TAUP-13 summer school on astroparticle and underground science, Asilomar, CA (Sept 2013)
  • Structure formation via a late-time vacuum phase transition [Talk]
    Venue: INFO-13 Santa Fe summer workshop (August 2013)
  • Structure formation via late phase transitions [Poster]
    Venue: INPAC–MRPI General Meeting, Asilomar, CA (April 2013)